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Monday, December 31, 2007

iPod Pocket

A few months ago I gave in to the iPod craze. I used to regard them as my nemesis. Do you know how many times I chatted people up in my dorm elevator... only to realize they couldn't hear a word as they were plugged into their ear-buds? It doesn't exactly make you feel cool.

But when I bought my new computer I gave in and added the 80GB Classic to the mix. Now on my long drives between Bellingham and Vancouver Ira Glass and Dan Savage keep me company. Plus I don't have to fumble with cds. Basically, I'm happy.

So my iPod makes my life easier and I repay it by keeping it in a sock. Until yesterday.

At home sick and bored bored bored, I turned to the sewing machine. I kinda had to redeem myself after a certain sewing project last April. You see, I hate to sew. I don't have the patience. But I always get ideas... and convince myself I can do them... and then, well... then it's last April and there's a pillowcase project consuming me.

Needless to say, this tiny project was much smoother. I just made a little pocket out of felt, and attached a heart for cuteness.

iPod Pocket

iPod Pocket

This little heart was originally to be a musical note, but that ended up being a little hard to produce with felt. Hearts are easy.

iPod Pocket

When I'm back with all my crafting supplies, I think I might add a little strap of elastic to keep it from sliding out when in my purse.


Diane said...

Wow, that's really adorable. I too have the iPod, and even the iPhone. The later I soon realized I couldn't live without. It's heaven sent. I have long drives to work each day, and use mine for playing audible books. This is great as I can get some reading into my life without sacrificing knitting time to read and turn pages.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I got a new ipod after christmas and I love it. I need to make some kind of sock. Problem with the iPod touch is it ends up covered in finger prints LOL.

Beaded Desert said...

That is too cute! Great blog, checking you out via the Swap-Bot swap (this is MAM)

sandra said...

OMG, so sweet & cute!