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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gray Yarny Love

The previously mentioned "gray yarny blob" has finally been gifted! The recipient was very pleased... listen to the back story.

In early November we were out in the chilly weather. She lamented the loss of her favorite gray fingerless mitts ("I liked that they were gray, I could wear them with anything!"). Her hands were so cold. Immediately, I concocted a plan. I ordered some Debbie Bliss in silver gray and geared up for some DPN knitting. With the help of my sister I had a pretty decent first time project. A few weeks ago, out again in the chilly weather, I spotted the recipient with new GRAY fingerless mitts. I was bummin'. New plan, I'd offer her the gray mitts and the chance to trade for the color of her choice. Last night the gifting went down. I blurted out the story. She laughed... she had just lost the partner to her new mitts. Once again, she was in need of gray fingerless mitts! Even though it was a birthday present (she's a Christmas baby), I think this could be safely referred to as a Christmas Miracle.

Bottomline, she was pleased (she claims to have got teary eyed), I was pleased.


Plus, I whipped up a few pretty push-pins for her new office. She predicts her boss will get jealous. It's amazing the excitement these little pins create. I cannot express the joy I get from How About Orange.


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sandra said...

hey, i got some equally rad push pins in the mail from you!