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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thumbless Fetching

And now I can say it...

The mission behind the Great Snow-Yarn Debacle was to get yarn to start work on a Christmas gift for my mom. The Potluck Mittenettes were supposed to be it... but... they seemed a little too tight around the knuckles and I wanted my mom to be able to type when she wore them. Plus, I didn't like the holes the M1 increase made (or I made, I guess!). Basically, not gifting worthy.

After scouring many patterns, I settled back on Fetching (you'll recognize from Gray Yarny Love). This time however I decided to eliminate the thumbs to make typing easier. I picked up the stitches around the thumb hole and bound off as loosely as possible. It seems to have worked out well.

Finally, I can present... Thumbless Fetching.
yarn: Cascade 22o handpainted

Thumbless Fetching

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