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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The 110% Apron

Ruffles or The 110% Apron

I 110% love this apron. It was made for the sister of a co-worker to give to a friend for her bridal shower (I love the chain of connections). The recipient was said to like teal, yellow, and pink. Unfortunately for her, those are three colors I refuse to put together for people past the kindergarten stage. (And the woman at the fabric store agreed with me so don't think I'm overly stubborn!) I did squeeze in a little yellow with the pink though. The recipient was also said to be "girly" and good thing. This is by far the most "girly" apron I've ever made... I mean, look at those ruffles! And the pinks! I don't even like and often oppose girly-ness-business, but I do love this apron.

Ruffles or The 110% Apron

I followed this tutorial from One More Moore, although I've also seen patterns similar to this for sale at fabric stores. All in all, it was very simple to make, but looks challenging. Love those projects!

Ruffles or The 110% Apron

The fabric is all Amy Butler. One of the prints washed up with a big whole in the middle, which was a frustrating surprise. I was easily able to exchange it after another trip to the fabric store. I love how the patterns complement each other. She's fabulous, isn't she?


tryingtobegreener said...

I completely agree with your thoughts on making things too "girly". That said, this is just adorable!

Etsy shop! Etsy shop!

Julia said...

LOVE. and amy butler is like my textile designer idol.

Shauna said...

Jill. I love this. I will attempt to make one of my own one day. Of course, it might help if i had a sewing machine. :)