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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Market Bags

Market Bags

Oh, no! I found a new project to constantly think about... market bags! I followed the tutorial from Film in the Fridge, which was very simple and clear. Thank you!

Reasons I love this bag:
1. Easy to make
2. Convenient size
3. Reversible!

Market Bags

I decided to use home decor fabric to help avoid two undesirables.
1. My sister's ridicule (she hates floppy tote bags)
2. Using interfacing

Market Bags

I also put a strip of thick felt between the two layers on the bottom to give a little bit more support. I don't know that it matters too much... but it feels like a seamstresses-y thing to do!

Market Bags

These bags were both made as gifts. The warm tones for the FABULOUS media clerk I've been working with this year. The cool tones for my very favorite speech/path grad's birthday. I'm already planning on making a few more with some bonus features... a few simple pockets for cell phones and keys.

Market Bags

And a round of applause for my model. I tricked her with an invite to the Laurelhurst for Sunshine Cleaning (you should see that), then lured her to a field for photos.


Wendy said...

You lucky duck! You are having all the fun sewing that I want to do! ;) Seriously, nice bags, lady!

Jill said...

Thanks! I'm a little obsessed with sewing these days... but I am also very slowly and quietly knitting a sock!

Keith said...

Dibs on the chick.