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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pencil Cases

I modified the measurements for Amy Karol's zippered pouch to make the proper dimensions for a pencil case. (4.5" x 9") I think next time I'll use a home decor weight fabric to help it keep its shape.

I bought the fabric at Bolt after spending many many minutes heming and hawing at all the choices. I love that store.

Pencil Pouch

One pouch went south to Julia in exchange for my new adorable masthead (!!!) and the other went north to Shauna as a birthday gift (to come in handy at the grad school she's ditching me for).

Pencil Pouch

It was another good project to practice sewing in a zipper except I had to rip out the lining on one of them and resew it in. It was too close to the zipper teeth and kept catching. Annoying!

*This post is far from eloquent. I'm tapping it out in a quick moment between houses as I am once again house sitting!

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