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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Apple-Dot Napkins

We had a shower at work for a co-worker who was recently married. I thought about going to the mall and buying her something off her registry... but I just couldn't actually get myself there. After spending far too much time and money at the mall in eighth grade, I can hardly handle walking in the door.

Well my first plan was to embroider her and her husband His and Her's pillowcases with male and female cage fighters. It makes more sense when you know that both of them actually ARE cage fighters. It's also worth noting that I can't remember the proper name for the fighting they do, but it's in that UFC realm. Turns out I couldn't find a silhouette I liked well enough to trace.

Apple-Dot Napkins

Hello, Napkins! Everyone needs napkins. And eco-friendly anything is all the rage right now. I picked a modern and fun pattern and got to sewing all those straight lines. I even took care to make the corners nice and even by glancing over this little tutorial.

Apple-Dot Napkins

She liked them!

On a sidenote: I was just eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich consisting of bread I baked this morning, jam I made last summer, and peanut butter... from the grocery store. Anyone ever made their own? Other than the big grinder at the grocery?


ANGELA. said...

I'll send you some from my work. Organic and totally yummy! Give me your address :)

Jill said...