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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blessings in Disguise

Sometimes you might not know it... but when that really drunk guy was knocking into you and falling on the floor and you sorta pushed him down a little harder because you were irritated that he spilled nearly his entire beer all over you and your friend while all you were trying to do was enjoy the music... it was actually a good thing.

Not only did the beer soak my socks and my shirt, but also my beloved pair of mittenettes. Mittenettes that had been worn nearly every day for a full year and were starting to show it. What better excuse to knit a new pair than not wanting to deal with the combination of beer and wool?

I thought so.

I knew exactly what pattern I wanted to knit. Last January when I knit a pair of Diamond Handwarmers for a friend, I was in love with the thumbs. You don't have to pick up stitches... it's like the thumb magically appears, or something. Clearly I wanted to repeat this experience.

It was actually a slower process the second time around. I just made a series of dumb mistakes. Like starting to knit two lefts. What?

I'm very happy with the results. The cuff is much longer than on my mittenettes so I don't have as much of a gap when I wear sweaters with 3/4 lengths. This tends to reduce the amount of goosebumps while sitting at my desk at work. I like that.

Diamond Handwarmer

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tryingtobegreener said...

What a horrible story, but as you say, it got you to make such cuteness!