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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Box Bag

SIP: Day 59

I made a little home for my future sock. Someday... someday I will cast on for my second Jaywalker... and when I do, it will live in this little bag. In the meantime, I think I'll just use it to store the supplies all nice and tidy. But really, I need to finish that pair of socks!

This box was made via a tutorial here. It's a pretty easy project... but the tutorial is bare bones. If you try it out, it might take you a little extra time to figure out the fourth step... I know it's not just my brain that had problems, I looked into it!


Regardless, I made a few mistakes (not counting the mistake of taking the photo right in front of the compost bin). If you notice, when zipped the zipper is at the opposite end of the handle. I don't like that. I actually even tried to think it through so that the zipper and handle would meet, but looks like I foiled myself. The other mistake is that the tiny Pilliebee label is upside down... however, it's likely that will only ever bother me.

I predict a few more box bags in my near future. Anyone want one?


nikki said...

It's adorable! I love it! How big is it? Hard for me to tell.

Jill said...

it's about 5x8" ... 40 cubic inches or so... !

Molly said...

you are a busy little bee!! it looks great to me!