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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Summer in Pictures & Google Reader

I'm really having fun with my summer photo project. I'm taking a photo a day this summer to help me remember as many moments as possible! There have only been a few times where it gets a bit past the good lighting hour and I realize I've yet to shoot anything...(and I bet it's pretty obvious when you look at the photos as a set).

Here are a few more favorite shots:

Summer in Pictures Mosaic

And the full set is here.

Jumping to Google Reader. Amy at Angry Chicken mentioned Google Reader in a post a few days ago. I've been holding out subscribing to any such organization site (including Blogger itself) because I like the little surprise of clicking on a link and not knowing if there's something new and exciting on the other end. But really... it's not all that practical if you have limited time on the internet. And there are those moments when I feel like a cyber stalker because I'm convinced if I click it just one more time the blog will magically update. Never works.

I've plugged in all the links on my sidebar... but what are some of your favorite blogs?


joanne said...

I think there is a black kitty who would complement the other photos well.

Julia said...

What a cute idea! I looked through them all and felt nostalgia and longing for the beautiful northwest.