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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Apron Swap '09 Part 1

And she's back with the sewing... A few months back, my friend Taune came for a visit and pitched a wonderful idea. What if we each made an apron for the other? We decided to mail the aprons on the last day of June. And oh good golly... I love the apron she made me. But first I'm going to show you the apron I made for her.

Woodland Creatures Apron for Taune

As previously mentioned, Taune loves the woodland creatures. While browsing at Bolt one day, I found the perfect fabric in the remnants bin. Squirrels, and birds, and mushrooms!

Woodland Creatures Apron for Taune

I already knew that I wanted to make a smock type apron and decided upon the Lilly Apron from Busy Bee Quilt Designs. The pattern was very simple to follow, although at times I did a few steps out of order. It just made more sense to me that way.

Woodland Creatures Apron for Taune

For some odd reason, I was having trouble with the tension while sewing the bits to make the apron gather at the chest. After 3 attempts and no luck, I decided to make pleats instead... which I quite liked.

Woodland Creatures Apron for Taune

Because I was a bit short on fabric, I used gingham for the ties. I felt like the pockets were a bit plain, so I added gingham there as well.

Woodland Creatures Apron for Taune

It's a pretty good tree climbing apron... but I bet you could wear it for baking and stuff.

Woodland Creatures Apron for Taune


Dusitn & Amy said...

Hey Jill,

It's Amy (Hannan) Ruth, don't know if you remember me from high school ... I was friends with Jana.

Anyway, I love all your creations and enjoy reading your blog. My cousin is getting married in October and I had been debating asking you to make her a Pillibee apron. Well, I decided to instead give it a go myself. I just ordered the Lily apron pattern! Thanks for inspiring me to do some creating myself!

Have considered an Etsy store, or maybe you already have one? I'd love to order some of the goodies you make. As fun as it might be to make my cousins apron, it's more for the sentiment of it being handmade. I think I'd rather order my own apron from you. ;)


Jill said...

Hi Amy!

Thank you for the sweet comments! Good luck sewing the apron for your cousin. That pattern looks really good with large and fun prints! Picking out the fabric is always my favorite part!

I have to put my creative endeavors on hold for a bit (watch the blog for the reason why!)... but otherwise I'd love to create all kinds of goodies for you! :)

Take care,