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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Market Bag 2.0

Market Bags 2.0 Mosaic

The sewing machine has been smoking over here... but gifts needed to be gifted before the sharing could ensue. I decided the market bags I made before (and loved) could be just a bit more lovable if only they had pockets.

This was my first attempt and I was working with a bit less fabric that I would have liked. I made each pocket into two in order to create spaces a cell phone wouldn't get lost in.

Happy Birthday, Julie!


erriott said...

jill, that polka dot bag has got it goin' on! what material did you use?


Jill said...

Thanks! It's a home decor weight something or other.

Julie said...

I LOVE the bag Jill! It is so cute and perfect for hauling all my junk! :)