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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Saucy Mermaids

I'm still having a hard time purchasing items off of registries. I totally understand the concept... but it's just not very fun! For my friend Liz's bridal shower, I told her in advance not to expect a registry gift. Luckily, that was ok with her (at least she said so!).

But really, she received some saucy mermaid dish towels... and that's just not something you can find at Macy's!


These were really fun to embroider but took FOREVER! Luckily, I had 30 Rock on Netlix Instant Play to get me through. Originally the plan was to make 7 towels, one of each day of the week. However, it turned out I only had enough material for 5 towels (I made those too!) ... and only actually liked 5 of the transfers.

My favorite is the little lady trapped in the net.


Wendy said...

I cannot even imagine embroidering all those towels! What a lucky friend! Hope she knows how much work (i mean love) you put into the saucy mermaids!
PS. I told Molly that you are welcome to come visit us

Julia said...

Dang! That is some amazing handiwork.