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Friday, July 31, 2009

Sewing Lesson

I've come a long way, baby! Just a few months ago, I was a student in a basic sewing lesson with my sister. I made my first apron... remember? I kept at it adding a few more items to my repetoire. After a few months of practice... I gave a sewing lesson of my own! Can you believe it?!

Annie's Apron

Annie has a sewing machine on loan for the summer and wanted to put it to use. We picked out some cute polka dot fabric and set to work on an apron. Lucky for me, Annie's a fast learner! We cut out all the pieces for a basic apron and then... uh oh... I didn't know how to work the machine! It was so different from mine! We put the project on hold for a few hours until a phone call revealed that the manual was actually in Annie's trunk. Of course!

Annie's Apron

Finally I solved the riddle and was able to get the machine working properly. We snuck in a few seams before Vegebration and finished up after the dinner guests retired.

What a beautiful first sewing project! Turns out I'm pretty good at teaching intelligent women. (I hope the same is true for intelligence-developing children!)

Annie's Apron

The best part was how proud Annie was of her creation. I love it!


Wendy said...

Great job, teacher! Hope you are staying cool--maybe all this heat is just practice for you?

Amethyst said...

Hi! Nice apron. :) Are you still thinking about coming to the Land of the Morning Calm?